Monday, August 09, 2010

Amazing story of a woman about necrotizing faciitis | disease known to its rotting effects on human }

For five years a woman lived with a disease that was known to be the flesh eating illness.

Another Honda Recall | cars of Honda recalled | problems of Honda cars | cars recalled

Latest news came out about the cars of Honda that has to be recalled. It was the problem of the ignition switch interlock mechanism. The company decided to recall the cars of about 197,000 accord model and the 117,000 of Honda civic model of 2003 as well as 69,000 cars model for year 2003 and 2004. Honda recently received complaints regarding the interlock mechanism. This could be a problem in the future when parking your car on hilly side or your on a high slope.

Ramon ayala freed | after a long time in jail ramon now is free | news about ramon ayala

A musician and an artist, known to be the king of accordion, Ramon Ayala has been released out of jail. He was imprisoned last December 11, 2009 allegedly having connivance with crimes related to money laundering. He was freed out to the jail because he has to be taken to the hospital for health reasons but his trial has to continue.

Motorola Droid released | latest technology by motorola | latest techs

Droid of Motorola company released their latest model oh phone. Its unique features will surely attract you to buy one, it has a voice recognizer, place locatable, app mash multitasking, and it is a user friendly.  Here are the pictures and images of the Droid the newest of motorola.

UFC 117 | Middle weight championship | ufc review | watch ufc

The welter weight fighters in the Ultimate Fighting championship faced off, Jon Fitch and its opponent Thaigo. The winner for this fight will defeat George St. Pierre.

True blood season 3 | free watching | true blood story

The season three of true blood must be so exciting, its going to be a good movie series to follow. Catch this series for more interesting revelations for the 3 season.

Patricia Neal Died at 84 | oscar winner Patricia is Dead

Patricia Neil died at the age of 84, the lung cancer was the cause why she left the world. She was known to be an award winning actress for some prestige awards in the film industry.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Road Accident, killing two people

Two confirmed deaths, dozens of children injured were taken to the hospital after the vehicular accident in Interstate 44, 32 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri. Official said that the bus carrying high school band member to Six Flags amusement park, when the said accident happens.

Vehicular accident occurred, killing two people involving  a tractor, two school buses and a pick up truck. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says that the truck slammed at the back of the tractor which slowed the traffic near a construction site near the gray summit.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pakistan Plane crash killing 152 people on board

More than 152 people killed in a plane crash in Islamabad, Pakistan July 28,2010. Rescue workers still hope to find any survivor in the wreckage of plane.

The reason for the crash is not yet clear said Pervez George, civil aviation official. He said that the Airblue taken off from Southern city, Karachi for a two hours scheduled flight to Islamabad and the bad weather make it hard for it to land.

George said that before the plane land in Islamabad airport they lost contact with it in control tower, it is later they confirms that the Airblue crashed. The amid rain and rough road made it hard for the official to get in the crash site.
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